Final project

Final project

This video shows that why the people need my final project.

This is the first part of my final project, in the first part of my project, I created a virtual scene that can be projected onto the wall. For this virtual scene, the background is a dense forest, and it is raining. User can through the brainwaves to interact with the virtual scene. For example, the user can through meditation values to control the rainfall, through attention values to control speed of raindrops and speed of the wind or direction of the wind, even can control the brightness of the weather. In all of my hypnosis background music, I combine a soothing voice and rainy voice with relaxing music to provide user with the ultimate hypnotic experience. Also the rainy voice can be controlled by the meditation values.

This is the second part of my final project, in my final project, there has another part to help people sleeping, which named hallucinatory part that can be transformed with the change of the attention values. Because the mystic achieves hallucinations by gaining control of his own dissociative mechanisms, perhaps this is a form of self-hypnosis. Such individuals can accomplish an astonishing withdrawal from the environment by prolonged intense concentration.

Final; Memory Tree

Presentation :  memoryTree_pdf

Outlines Presentation

Presentation PDF

Final Project Presentation and Site

Final Project

Final Presentation- Golden Throne

Goldenthrone Presentation

Golden Throne Video:

USlouch Final Presentation

Final USlouch Presentation

Final process—testing!



There are two simple videos, and i just want to make sure the virtual environment and dynamic image are both helpful for sleep. Also those videos can show that my research is successful.

Final Project Process – Balloon Chair


I tried to approach the idea to make it more amusing rather than to make it a traditional tone-responsive system as you can find in medical instruments.


That’s why I combined the chair with air pomp to inflate the balloon when user sits in a wrong position.

For the reward, if they sit in a right position, the balloon is going to deflate.


How am I going to measure the right and the wrong sitting posture?

I am going to put distance detector back of the chair. In the way, I can measure the users’ distance with using arduino.


The motivation: Users won’t know when the ballon is gonna blow up, in that way they will be forced to keep the their posture in a right way.


Final process- The second Prototype.

IMG_0596 IMG_0599 IMG_0601

Final Project Process Report: Memory Tree

Memory Tree. Process Report.

Use input datas of stories from strangers. I want to ask them a question like ” When is the most memorial moment in your life?”, “What is the most valuable moment in your life?”, or “Tell me about your story that makes you heart-beating”. Based on the inputs, the tree can show visual effects such as growing leaves, falling leaves, and colour changes of leaves. The tree will be have more energy and power of itself when people input more and more stories which have the great power to change the world.

I can’t tell who I am and what I think without saying my experiences and thoughts. Every experiences have influenced my life a lot.

I think every moments can change our lives and all the experiences we have had influence our present and the future. Also, keeping the valuable moments in mind and considering the real significant values of our lives are important. We are living in the fast-world (like fast-food). It is easy to be lost our sincere values or forget the important part of our lives. Therefore, I wanted to make a memory tree that can evoke us what is the most important values in their life by encouraging them to think about the values. Additionally, it can be interacted by people’s motions or pulse rates. The tree project’s interaction can tell we are living together and each moment of each person influence the world by communication and connection.

My concept is still a little bit vague and abstract, so I will develop it to make it concrete by researching more.

[ 1st. Prototype. ]

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 12.15.00 PM Web Version                                                                                   

:: making a leaf shape by using text inputs.

– Problem : It is hard to build and also hard to read to recognise the texts. Also, it become ugly, if it has numerous texts.

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[ 2nd. Prototype. ] 

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.01.12 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.02.02 PM Processing Version

I changed to use Processing which is more familiar to me and has lots of open sources in the Internet.  I tried to build a tree (very simple prototype) and have function of collecting input datas.

[ 3rd. Prototype ]

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 7.03.26 PM Processing + Javascript 

I tried to combine Processing code with Javascript because Javascript can draw canvas faster than Processing (Processing sometimes slowly react to interactions-mouse movement, text inputs). If I use Javascript, moreover, I can build a website version of the project as well.

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[ Next Step ]

However, it still looks rough prototype. I will develop the tree’s visual more beautiful and also add more interesting effects. Additionally, I will build physical thing that has sensor to interact with people and test projector.