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Final Presentation- Golden Throne

Goldenthrone Presentation Golden Throne Video:

Final Project Process – Balloon Chair

chair22 I tried to approach the idea to make it more amusing rather than to make it a traditional tone-responsive system as you can find in medical instruments.   That’s why I combined the chair with air pomp to inflate the balloon when user sits in a wrong position. For the reward, if they sit …

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Sensor Pillows Prototype

i decided to add two sensor pillows rather than to put some sensors directly onto the chair. First pillow provides to stand up the user every hour to activate the constant body circulation. Each hour, pillow is gonna heat up, so users need to stand up and walk around until it cools down Second pillow …

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final project precedents

Proposed Final Project

For my final project, i decided to work more on my feedback loop project. For my feedback loop project, i researched about back pain. I found out that back pain is one of the most common medical problems, affecting 8 out of 10 people at some point during their lives.  Also, Sitting at a computer …

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Week 6 Reading Response

The Social Life of Small Urban Places   The main idea of this article is that Whyte and his colleagues tried to form a code to figure out the functioning of urban spaces.  That is the reason why they focused on Plaza areas to make observations about utilization of open spaces. It is a clever …

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Feedback Loop: Sensor Chair

Scrapyard Challenge: Interactive Dance Game

  Me, Shu Yu Lin, Melanie Bossert  found  a huge paper with lots of dots. So, we thought that maybe we could make a twister game. However, we could not figure out how to connect our feet and hands to make different sounds. Than, we decided to change our idea to make a dance game. We …

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Digital/Digital: One day Ny tour with Most Liked Instagram Photos I combined instagram and googlemap to create a daily Ny tour. As me, people who are out of NY can create their daily tour with instagram’s most liked photos. It’s a new adventure. Digital/Physical: NEWYORK DAILY MOOD   I combined Twitter and Brooklyn Bridge for …

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7 in 7 Day 1 – DIY LA tour Eiffel

Today, it is my first day of 7 in 7 project. I decided to use my trash to make my own Eiffel Tower. Also, my roommate works at Rag&Bone. Everyday, she uses different fabrics to create her own dress collection. So, i added some of fabrics on my eiffel tower:   First, I picked some …

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