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Final process- The second Prototype.

Final Project Precedent

  I will continue to design my concept of Walking Cup. This is an existing product of a digital cup by using similar  technique of my Walking Cup concept . This is the video to show how to use Arduino weight censor.

Instruction Sets for Strangers Intervention Week 2- Cindy,Birce,Perry,Joyce

Final Project Ideas

For my final project, I would like to continue to research, study and revise the design for my feedback loop assignment: The Walking Cup. First of all, people being overweight has been a very serious problem in this country for a long time. This phenomenon is related to the unhealthy eating habits of the population.  …

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Instruction Sets for Strangers Intervention Proposals- Cindy,Birce,Perry,Joyce

Battery park

Feedback Loop and Redo Mashup

I create this two related design from a same concept ( one is for my feedback loop, another one is for my mashup) that I mentioned last time about a cup can tell people how much calories from their drink and the distance they need walk to burn those calories. The first design is called …

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Reading Response about Feedback Loop

The author used a modified traffic sign to cast an image of how feedback loops work from evidence – relevance – consequences – action. Also this example perfectly makes the point of how effective that feedback loop can affect a diver’s behavior. Before I read this article, feedback for me was just any platform that …

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Cat DJ- Mashups Project 2

My digital-physical project for the mashup assignment is called Cat DJ. Unlike how humans who can use verbal languages to express their emotions, cats have their own way to communicate: their tails. Pet behaviorists have found that cats use the motion and position of their tails to show their emotions to the cat owner and …

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My Maker Faire Experiences

I started my first experience in Maker Faire in this Sunday. It was very impressive event for me. The 3D Printing gives me a new perspective of how designer can do for their prototypes and tons of interface design give me a lot ideas about how technology can build up a newer, closer and stronger …

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Digital-Digital Mashup: Interracial Relationships In US

My inspirations of this project is from my own life, I have been in a interracial relationship for two years, I found although there are more interracial couples in US than before, people still know a very little about interracial couples around their life. My digital-digital mashup is a data representation video about interracial marriage …

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