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DreamTeam: Instruction Sets for Strangers

Niamh Parsley, Denah Emerson, Alex Tosti, Pierce Wolcott   ISFS Final Presentation Final Video Observations

Instruction Sets Final- Team Battery

Group: Birce, Cindy, Joyce, Perry Instruction Sets for Strangers View the Presentation 

final project precedents

http://www.trendhunter.com/slideshow/posture-correcting-concepts    http://www.axiasmartchair.nl/en/zithoudingen/   http://www.lafayettepolygraph.com/product_detail.asp?ItemID=1652   http://www.agecomfort.com/products/TR2-CHAIR-SENSOR-PAD-ALARM.html

Final Project Precedent

  I will continue to design my concept of Walking Cup. This is an existing product of a digital cup by using similar  technique of my Walking Cup concept .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmOT_1BRcYc This is the video to show how to use Arduino weight censor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPdSUywxbR8

Final Project Precedent

1. music sneaker 2. Run like me   So in my final project I decided to expand on my mashup running project. The goal I want to achieve is to help people to run in a proper way and encourage more people to join the running community. I wanna use a motion sensor or knock …

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Final Projects Precedents

My goal for my final project is to create an interactive tutorial for chemistry students to understand how soap is able to breakdown grease.  I hope to accurately portray molecular level interactions and apply it to a larger context. Inspirations for this project: Janet Iwasa is a biologist who uses animations to create visualizations of …

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Inspirations for the Final

Concept – Physical vs. Digital – Nature as Interface – Modifiable Narrative   1. docomo Palette UI GoodDesignExpo 2. Waves by DanielPalacios 3. AquaTop Display 4. Prairie by Shawn Decker

Final project precedents

1.   Apro.Map // Interactive Projection Mapping 2.   Interactive Window Projection – Zierikzee, Netherlands – June 2013 3.http://www.jamesgeorge.org/works/treachery.html The Treachery of Sanctuary 4.Child always like this kind of room, maybe starry sky can promote sleep.

Precedents for Murder (NYC)

#1 – New York Times Murder Map New York Times map of murders in NYC for 2003-2011 #2 – NYC Ghosts and Murders Walking Tours Walking tours of NYC neighborhoods focusing on historical murders in the area. #3 – Colonial and Civil War era history in Fredericksburg, VA QR codes posted on historically significant buildings that …

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Final Project Precedents

USlouch Precedents