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Final research update

Wearable Technology   some interesting Arduino sensor project:

project prototyping

1.Reference Academic Paper This is the reference article I use for set up my argument in my final project. In this project, through the project I did the research with the dynamic sensor by Arduino and shoes object, I want to  study how could those wearable sensor  set up a positive feedback loop in order …

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Final project draft

Final Project Precedent

1. music sneaker 2. Run like me   So in my final project I decided to expand on my mashup running project. The goal I want to achieve is to help people to run in a proper way and encourage more people to join the running community. I wanna use a motion sensor or knock …

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Final Project _Vague Idea

My final project idea inspiration are coming from my Feedback loop project. In my feedback loop project, I designed a shoes sensor to tracking people’s working hour in front of my computer and locate the users in order to encourage them to work in a healthy way. And I think in my final project I …

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FEEDBACK LOOP _ Shoe Machine Sensor

My feedback loop is a reminder mechanism to the computer addicted person. When people are immerse into computer, they forgot time, and if we keep using computer in an unhealthy it will arouse a lot of healthy issues involve some unknown issue. So I create this shoe sensor to remind and implying people to sit …

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Reading response Of Instruction Sets For Strangers

1) Culture Probes In the passage of Culture Probes, the author talked about a some experimental urban strategy to evoke some suggestive response from elderly people. The way that project to execute really provided some inspiration to me to observe people’s behavior and helps me a new way to  finding the real essence meaning behind …

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The Response of Feedback Loop

After I read feedback loop and built up a concept of feedback loop, I think feedback loop is really a kind of interesting invention that it gave a guidance to human’s behavior. However I have some doubt it when I mentioned that feedback loop is always working through a way to tracking people’s behavior. As …

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Maker Faire Observation

  After a hours train to get Queens, which is really a  long journey, the world maker’s faire really suprised me. This is my first time to attending make faire, and after I entered the park  The first project I noticed was a Ecosystem  tool key called, that is a tool that models carbon , …

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Some original idea sketch of Mashup

My mashup idea this time are inspired by my daily running habits, running is actually a repetitive activity and compared to some competitive games like basketball , it is easy for runner to get board , if runner could change their running route sometimes, that will make most of runners enjoy running. So this mashup …

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