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Facebook redesign

What are we talking about When we talk about facebook ? Or severely than all,social network.
The first things I am thinking about is information subscription, the whole information operating system.For example when I log in the facebook page, we actually have trapped in a information waterfall, The photos,status of our friend just swarm into our sight, and we just don’t know which part of the information is most valuable information to us.

If I could propose some idea for facebook redesign , it should be the information operating system. The users of facebook should have a larger privilage to classify their own personal information subscription. Firstly , we should classfied each type of the information in the news feed. For example if I want to see more news about design area , I can have a key to set up my subscription system, then the information filled in my screen will be mainly about design.

Another things I want to modified is privacy of the social network. Basically when we saw the photos or status of our friends we want to give feedback because human are naturally social animal.  And those conversation in the comment part are always based on a post by our friend. For example if my  family or closed friend  make comment on my below my post, and I don’t want other people see it , maybe I can edit the rights that who can see these comments, but not just hide the post from a certain scoial group.


Natural User Interfaces Are Not Natural

I  think this new passage is inspired me to think about what is most suitable way to interact with computer?  Today the touch screen had already replaced the physical buttons. I’m not sure the next generation knows anything about  what is the real “button”. What’s more , I think in the future , maybe we take a picture just by blink our eyes? And at that time may be there are more new problems and worries will appear, I don’t think there’s an end for new problems.

Therefore I don’t think we should worried too much about whether the natural users interface are indeed natural or not , but I think a good interaction behavior should involve in all six sense of our  human- being , maybe in the future we can interact by our eyes ears  mouth and some natural reaction which did by our body,  and yes may be there will be more problems appear. However, Let’s don’t worry about it, because design and technology is always about proposing questions , problem solving and not a final answer to everything.

Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Network’s Plan to Dominate the Internet — and Keep Google Out

All of us can’t deny that Facebook is fast growing company and story of the facebook can be found nowhere, All the classic old-media hats are being worn by everyone. The Facebook Effect can create a sudden convergence of interest among people in a news story, a song, or a YouTube video. One day recently I had been working on this book and hadn’t paid any attention to the news. I happened to see that a friend’s News Feed read “reduction in price for 3.5%.” I would in the past have received that information from Yahoo News, or from radio or television.  Facebook have changed the way people to acquire message. I agree to the statement made by the facebook veteran”Facebook is an advanced communications network enabling myriad communication forms”, and looking forward to see how will it looks like ,  A communications system that includes people of all countries, all races, all religions, could not be a bad thing, could it?

The Web Means the End of Forgetting


It is seems like we are exposing in front of everybody about our daily life since internet was invented, but I think we still have rights  to decide” tweet it or not”, I am still insisting my opinion is that keep relaxed and hesitate to think that if we should post it or not. In addition, I also think the posts made by ourselves on internet more or less is about reinventing ourselves and rebuild ideal  impression to other people. That’s a part of the attributes of the web. Thus, just regard the web platform as a big screen, think about what you want to exhibit about yourself in a big screen before we share information about ourselves to internet.  Though the things like Facebook and twitter told us you are the producer of the context. But don’t just do what web want us to do.

Why the future doesn’t need us

Computer is becoming more and more intelligent, and it is indeed , we are willing to see that computer are becoming a efficient helper of our life.  However I am not agree to author’s opinion based on two reason.

Firstly, the author is worried about the if we give a high permission privilage of decision making to computers,  the whole intelligence system will be too smart to controlled by human being. Secondly,  he thought that majority of the computer system will be controlled by minority of the elite, and a mass of people will become a superfluous workforces.  We are no longer being needed.

However I think that, firstly the whole complicated computer system is built by us. What we need to worried about is our own attitude, we should regard computer as a tool but not replacement of ourselves.  Additionally, I think human being owns two gift which one is intelligence and another is emotion. I don’t think a icy machine could replace  us so easy. Finally, I don’t  think  that elite will have greater control over the masses of computer. Almost everyone owns computer today, we could built our personal website if we want, we could create a technology project only if we want. Everybody owns a computer now. We need a progress democratization of technology. Everyone should learn some knowledge of programing and the basic theory of computer running in order to know more about computer.  I think the future with a more accessible technology need everyone of us but not  elite.


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