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Chalk Prototype

I did some chalk prototyping on my idea, which was really valuable in terms of user’s feelings and how they are interested in interacting with the project. This documentation is from midnight in Washington Heights (murder central). I found my subjects were (oddly) not as comfortable imitating the dead as I am. One subject had …

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Thoughts and Precedents Expounded

Alright, I’m ready to talk about this. As discussed, I want to work with human conductivity and explore the idea of chalk outlines of murder victims. There are two ways we can go at this point: (1) a “chalk outline” that would light up when a human’s hands complete the circuit or (2) a projection …

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Precedents for Murder (NYC)

#1 – New York Times Murder Map New York Times map of murders in NYC for 2003-2011 #2 – NYC Ghosts and Murders Walking Tours Walking tours of NYC neighborhoods focusing on historical murders in the area. #3 – Colonial and Civil War era history in Fredericksburg, VA QR codes posted on historically significant buildings that …

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No Thoughts

For my Final Project, I am really unsure what I would like to do. I know there will be an Arduino involved, but beyond that, I am super unclear. I am completely open to ideas and/or constraints. I’m feeling a little lost with all this freedom… Perhaps, I would expand upon the physical Murder NYC …

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snarkicity #firstworldproblems

For my feedback loop project, I’d like to present “snarkicity: saving your money and the earth one mildly abusive comment at a time.” The idea is that people aren’t aware enough of how they’re spending their money on electricity at any given time. To remedy this issue, snarkicity would gather your electricity usage data and display …

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Valuing the Human

I often forget that the entire world is designed. It may be a lack of reflection or observation, but I have to be reminded that public spaces don’t just sprout up completely formed. For that reason, I really enjoyed The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces. I was intrigued by their research process and seemingly bottomless …

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Maker Faire Observations

One device that I absolutely loved is called the Useless Machine. When you turn it on, all it does is turn itself off. It is absolutely wonderful in its uselessness. I had the great opportunity to hear AJ Jacobs’ lecture. He is a writer and editor at large at Esquire magazine and specialized in writing …

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murderNYC – Mashups

murderNYC: new yorkers would kill for your apartment The digital to digital mashup features homicide data for NYC overlaid on a map of the five boroughs. The first screen shows a visual representation of murder rates in New York over the last ten years. (We’re declining!) The gradients are relatively accurate, but definitely not mathematically …

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Feedback Loops – The Fun Theory

I am really fascinated by the culture of gamification. I consistently notice changes in my personal behavior when I’m keeping track and that directly feeds into a gamification system. If I’m wearing a pedometer, I will walk more. If my friends are also, I will walk wherever I need to walk in order to defeat …

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