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Maker Faire Observations

One device that I absolutely loved is called the Useless Machine. When you turn it on, all it does is turn itself off. It is absolutely wonderful in its uselessness. I had the great opportunity to hear AJ Jacobs’ lecture. He is a writer and editor at large at Esquire magazine and specialized in writing …

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Maker Faire – Interesting Interfaces

Interesting Interfaces: The first one that I’d like to mention, and coincidentally, the last item I saw (and also spent the most time viewing) was a thesis project from one of our own: Paweena Prachanronarong’s Blockuits. A full description can be found on her portfolio website at: http://www.lovepaweena.com/portfolio-01.html. I choose this exhibit because, as I …

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Maker Faire

1. Identify 3 “interfaces” you saw at Maker Faire that were interesting and describe what they did. i. “Sir Walter Cooler” by Microsoft. This project is a water cooler that displays different colors to demonstrate                  whether it is “feeling” happy or sad. In order to make the …

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