December 2013 archive

Final project

Final project This video shows that why the people need my final project. This is the first part of my final project, in the first part of my project, I created a virtual scene that can be projected onto the wall. For this virtual scene, the background is a dense forest, and it …

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Final; Memory Tree

Presentation :  memoryTree_pdf

Outlines Presentation

Presentation PDF

Final Project Presentation and Site Final Project

Final Presentation- Golden Throne

Goldenthrone Presentation Golden Throne Video:

USlouch Final Presentation

Final USlouch Presentation

Final process—testing!

test1—Meditation. test2—Attention. There are two simple videos, and i just want to make sure the virtual environment and dynamic image are both helpful for sleep. Also those videos can show that my research is successful.

Final Project Process – Balloon Chair

chair22 I tried to approach the idea to make it more amusing rather than to make it a traditional tone-responsive system as you can find in medical instruments.   That’s why I combined the chair with air pomp to inflate the balloon when user sits in a wrong position. For the reward, if they sit …

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