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Mock you like Nelson..(prototype02)

Three References for My Final Project

1.Math and Science for Young Children 2.How Computer Games Help Children Learn 3.Game, Motivation, and Effective Learning: An Integrated Model for Educational Game Design  

Prototype01 for My Final Project

Using a servo motor to control the little man’s arm and make him takes off his hat.

Three Precdents of My Final Project

1.Penguin Paper Automata a. What is the project and who created it?  This project is an interactive arduino toy made by  Daniela Gill.(She is also from Parsons D&T) b. How does it work / function? Is it interactive? If so how?  The Servo motor (continuous ) controls the speed with an Ultrasonic range finder. She used …

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Final Project idea

  I want to do something like this…..

Instruction sets for strangers==> Tony, Tim and Sophie

Our topic is called: How are you feeling now? The goal is to lead people walk through another exit way from subway station; and we made three foam boards for people to attach their “emotions”. The three boards are in three colors: black, green and white; each of they represents tired, calm and happy respectively. …

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Digital & Physical mashup==> Facelook

My digital and physical mashup is called “Facelook”. Check out the video:

Maker Faire Experiences

1. 3 “interfaces” I saw at Maker Faire that were interesting a. Project Spark (microsoft studios) Project Sport was an open world digital canvas that let us create our own games, it’s kind of  like the Disney I-pad game “infinite toy box”. There was a guy continued telling people how to play this game in front …

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Digital mashup ==> “Doggle”

My digital & digital mashup is called Doggle, it’s an application which help you to find out the nearest dog park/ dog daycare center/ dog clinic/ dog store and groomer on the map. Another function is that you will actually know your dog’s friends by using a sensor which embed in your dog’s neck chain. This …

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This is my login page of the “digital&digital”

  The dog version of Google.