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Final Project sketches and articles

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Instruction Sets Final- Team Battery

Group: Birce, Cindy, Joyce, Perry Instruction Sets for Strangers View the Presentation 

Final Projects Precedents

My goal for my final project is to create an interactive tutorial for chemistry students to understand how soap is able to breakdown grease.  I hope to accurately portray molecular level interactions and apply it to a larger context. Inspirations for this project: Janet Iwasa is a biologist who uses animations to create visualizations of …

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Final Project proposal

For my final project, I want to research the role of visualization in science learning and create visual aids for some foundation topics in chemistry. The benefits of visual aids give students a mental model to understand the complex conceptual topics found in science subjects.  There are lots of studies that attempt to measure the …

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Feedback Loop sweat biosensor

            My feedback loop focuses on the idea of personalizing aerobic workouts for intense exercisers by measuring your metabolic changes as you work out.  This idea is based on biosensor prototypes created by the Wang lab group from UCSD. Read about their research here.  Secretions from sweat as you exercise …

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Instruction Sets for Strangers reading response

The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces It’s interesting to read about a perspective of NYC from 1970 and think about what changes (or not) may have occurred since.  This research team focused heavily on young professionals and their habits around their office buildings during lunch breaks.  Their observation that crowded spaces were traced to …

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Scrapyard Challenge: Electric Pigeon

        My partners, Jimmy Tang and Yuchen Zhang, and I conceived the idea of creating a heavy metal pigeon.  We used a paper mache piegeon with pieces of conductive tape that will play different notes when a conductive glove “plays” them, like a keyboard.  The glove was made of mesh with wires …

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Digital- Physical Mashup Oregon Trail

    See the Oregan Trail Map   My digital-physical mashup is an imagining of how a real life competitive race of Oregon Trail would occur.  The emphasis of the game would be on maintaining health for all teammates that compete.  A unique feature would be cooperation amongst competing teams, when either needs a boost …

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Maker Faire

  Invisible Postcard Messages I liked this project because it had an interactive interface with a simple, nondigital design.  The postcards are coated with a phosphorous layer that allow you to write a hidden message.  When it is exposed to light given off by your computer screen, the message is briefly revealed under dark lighting. …

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Thoughts about Feedback Loops

The speed recognition feedback loop that is used commonly in the US makes me think of a tactic that many car manufacturers in Qatar and other Middle East countries employ to curb speeding.  Reckless driving is so engrained in the culture there that car have installed sensors within the car that detects if you’re driving …

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