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Ditigal-Digital Mashup: McArabia

Due to bountiful (but unrenewable) reserves of petroleum and natural gas, many Middle Eastern countries are experiencing newfound economic power and individual wealth.  Many of these countries are also entering the ranks of world’s most overweight and obese.  Not coincidentally, fast food chain restaurants are rushing to open new franchises to support the emerging culture …

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Mashup found in nature

Just saw this article about an insect with gears between its legs that allow it to jump really fast

7 in 7 – Day 7 WeedSee App

The more I read about the concept of weeds, the more I realize how closely tied to human intervention of nature.  A weed is not a botanical classification, rather a term that people use to describe plants that is growing where humans do not want it to grow.  While weed is mostly a negative term, …

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7 in 7 – Day 6 Weeds Javascript

For today’s project I wanted to remake my Processing sketch of “Weeds in NYC” into a Javascript canvas.  This proved to be much more difficult than I thought because I learned JS doesn’t have simple mouseX and mouseY detection commands because it  detects window X,Y events, which then must be converted to relate to the …

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7 in 7-Day 5 Texture Distortion

Given our recent readings on sketching and prototyping, I wanted to create a prototype for visualizing and changing texture using an optical tool. My constraints are still to use an organic subject matter, in this case an orange. I first made simple sketches of the cross section of an orange to depict the difference in …

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Reading Response- Prototyping

Reading these articles have shown me that prototyping, sketching, making mock-ups, all exist to fulfill a unique role in the design process. In “What do prototypes prototype”, we learn its three purposes are showing a product’s role, its aesthetics, and its implementation. In “Experience Prototyping”, we see that this study fits in closely to understanding …

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7in7- Day 4 Weeds of NYC

    Even in New York City, we are still surrounded by nature and organic matter.  One must simply look a little harder to see it. I created this interactive graphic via Processing to identify common weeds that can be found in the city. I define weeds as plants that can grow on their own …

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7 in 7- Day 3 Miniature Ecosystem

Originally I said I wanted to use organic material to design representations of man made objects.  In this project I wanted to create a representation of a natural ecosystem within an artificial environment.  I used material that I found outside ( rocks, soil, moss, a vascular plant) and placed them within a closed space that …

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7 in 7- Day 2 Windchime

Not all natural materials are easily perishable.  Today I wanted to explore materials that are still organic, but also fit into the realm of “found objects.”  I used pieces of coral, a bamboo pen, and hemp string, which are all naturally occurring materials which have already undergone different ways of degradation.  The coral died long …

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7 in 7 Day 1

I’m interested in the use of organic material  to create man-made objects with typically mechanical functions.  By using perishable or biodegradable substances, one must consider how the object will hold up against decay during the time its functioning with another purpose.  In my first project I wanted to create a lantern out of a pepper …

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