7 in 7 Day 1

I’m interested in the use of organic material  to create man-made objects with typically mechanical functions.  By using perishable or biodegradable substances, one must consider how the object will hold up against decay during the time its functioning with another purpose.  In my first project I wanted to create a lantern out of a pepper and see how successfully it could provide adequate lighting.  These pictures compare it to an aluminum candle holder.


I was surprised to see the pepper provided more light in complete darkness than the actual candle holder, and also gave off an eerie green glow.  After about 40 miniutes though, the top “lid” of the lantern had started to brown.


Constraints: organic material used to represent/create a man-made object




Photo on 9-4-13 at 9.54 PM


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  1. it is very pretty! Especially people can see the fiber and texture inside of the pepper from candle’s light.

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