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Team Triple Faces – Strangers Set Intervention Final

original post: http://xiaofenglinmfadt.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/stranger-set-intervention-fresh-pond-subway-station/ FINAL ITERATION Team: Tony Tao/ Sophie Ma/ Tim Xiaofeng Lin Location: Fresh Pond Road Subway Station (M Line) Time: Oct 22th 2013 Afternoon Weather: light rain     Observed Problem: Crowds take the nearer steps when getting out of the station and ignore the extended aisle and the steps on the other …

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Inspirations for the Final

Concept – Physical vs. Digital – Nature as Interface – Modifiable Narrative   1. docomo Palette UI GoodDesignExpo 2. Waves by DanielPalacios 3. AquaTop Display 4. Prairie by Shawn Decker


Nature As Interface For my final project I decided to work on more challenging and unconventional interface design/installation — I want to use water or air as a natural interface and controller, using Arduino sensors such as liquid level sensor, pressure sensor and wind sensor as input intriguers in order to talk to openFramework and …

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Feedback Loop: Vibrity

  The goal of this assignment is create a design that records, reflects human behavior and in return, affects the behavior. I’m particularly interested in sound, so I developed a concept of earphone that provides vibration as alternative feedback output.   INSPIRATIONS: ear clip, sport earphones, mini vibration motor; These are the construction structures that …

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Scrapyard: Guitar Hero the Frog

  [MUSIC I AM LISTENING TO: Nothin’ But A Good Time by POISON :P] TEAM: Vivi Yuwen Lee/  Erin Cen/  South Cool/ Tim Xiaofeng Lin PROJECT CONCEPT: Body As Interface/ Body As Metaphor/ Human vs Machine PERSONAL GOAL: I want to use material that is, at some level, soft, warm, and organic, as part of …

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mAsHuP project

1. XLED – The Ultimate Sport Training App that connects you to your idol players. FEATURE: Syncing you and your star player’s training schedule, strengths and skills, which allows growth of both you and your player while you are working out.   2. Facebook vs Drug Effect

Maker Faire and Things

1. UNDERWATER ROBOT Having seen these mechanisms, I really want to create a water-related project soon. The fact that everything is water-prove gives the whole package/interface a very friendly and inviting nature. I kind of hope there are cameras that are attached to them. 2. MUSEUM OF INTERESTING THINGS: CALCULATOR This old, vintage creation seems …

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Reading Response Week Three: Mashup the World

Mashing up together or syncing, harmonizing or paralleling, original or edited, these are the questions I come up with when the word mashup appears. Several important issues when it comes to create a mashup project: 1. choice of materials; 2. (Re)Composition; 3. Post-editing. Good mashups take successful elements or aspects from different sources and rebuild …

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[7IN7] 007 – Bye 7IN7

See ya!  

[7IN7] 006 – Type Invasion

  Some experiments on grid, modularity, and readability. Twisted and tilted.