Reading Response Week Three: Mashup the World

Mashing up together or syncing, harmonizing or paralleling, original or edited, these are the questions I come up with when the word mashup appears.
Several important issues when it comes to create a mashup project:
1. choice of materials;
2. (Re)Composition;
3. Post-editing.
Good mashups take successful elements or aspects from different sources and rebuild something unnecessarily identical to the originals but something freshly revived instead.



Another possibly interesting thing is that we need to consider what the relationship between the two mashed up elements are, both before and after, which helps us understand what opportunities of the mashup can be done.

New word I learned from the Grey Album article – orchestration

Originally, mashup was used to describe songs that “meshed two different styles of music into one song”.In the world of web, s mashup describes a web application that “combines multiple services into a single application”. It is a process of reasonable reconstruction and, in a way, a media that uses “found materials” — media is the message, and thus references to the original sources have to have a reason. That is why I believe that mashups always cause controversies, since people who are interested in different sources may take different aspects and exaggerate their focus into their standing point for naming other people’s remakes of that same source.


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