Reading Response: Mashup

I didn’t know what is mashup before reading the articles. Especially the article, “Hacking, Mashing, Gluing: Understanding Opportunistic Design” was caught my eyes because I am interested in ubiquitous computing design which is based on mashups. As I read them, I could realize that I already doing mashups such as referencing open source and using libraries which I frequently use them while coding.  Also, lots of maps that have various information like nice restaurant recommending application, “yelp” which is very useful to search delicious and famous restaurant with other people’s comments. In addition, I want to say not only web and software-based mashups, but also physical devices have been integrating. For example, a smart phone that I think it is the very mashup thing integrates cellular phone, PC, camera, recorder, video player, music player and so on.  The fact that numerous things are functioning in a device has changed our life patterns which means that it brought a new paradigm, ‘smart’ world. Moreover, people are now trying to mashup things in a device such as smart cars, smart home, and etc., and also make connection between those things which can be looked as a mashup. In other words, we are heading to ubiquitous computing world.

From the reading, “Mashups: The new breed of Web app”, I could think some issues that I want to concern about. Specifically, the reliability of integrated information, ‘data integration challenges’ that the author describes in the article is a representative problem of them. For instance, we can get sources from articles, bloggers, and news when we search on the search-engine like Google, but there are some information that hasn’t verified before it is uploaded even internet news articles ( some times this is a starting point of rumor and gossips), and also it is hard to find precise information between numerous useless information floating on the web.

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