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USlouch Final Presentation

Final USlouch Presentation

Readings that will help with user testing

Here are some readings that you should check out for conducting user tests: krug_2nd_Ch9 (1) dumas-redish_chap5 dumas-redish_chap7 dumas_redish_chap9 dumas-redish_chap8 2  

USlouch Prototype #4

For this iteration I show an example of a possible animation that could represent one’s slouching activity which can be measured against others. The idea here is that for each time the user slouches a balloon pops, which would make the character drop lower. This depiction is a little too disconnected from the main idea …

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USlouch Prototype #3

This prototype is using JavaScript. The alert is on a timer and will signal 5 seconds after loading. The history button in the top right corner is an example of what the usage feedback may include. for the next iteration I hope to: -create a data visualization with the history info -create a social gaming …

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Research Paper References and User Testing

A few articles I will be referencing for this project are: Fred Gerr, Michele Marcus, Carolyn Monteilh, Epidemiology of musculoskeletal disorders among computer users: lesson learned from the role of posture and keyboard use, Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, Volume 14, Issue 1, February 2004, Pages 25-31 Paul Jarle Mork, Rolf H. Westgaard, Back posture …

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DreamTeam: Instruction Sets for Strangers

Niamh Parsley, Denah Emerson, Alex Tosti, Pierce Wolcott   ISFS Final Presentation Final Video Observations

Final Project Precedents

USlouch Precedents

#Magbeth First Iteration

Denah Emerson, Niamh Parsley, Alex Tosti, Pierce Wolcott  

Final Project Description

For my final project I would like to expand upon my feedback loop assignment from earlier in the semester. My feedback loop assignment, iSlouch, was a look and feel prototype that demonstrated the interface of a posture detection program. The idea is that when the user slouches while using their computer, the interface on their …

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Instruction Sets for Strangers Intervention Proposals (Dream Team)

Denah, Niamh, Alex, Pierce Instruction Sets for Strangers Intervention Ideas