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7in7 Day 5 – Vegan Heat Map of NYC

Today I made a heat map of vegan restaurants in NYC. Whenever I make travel plans to a new city, as a vegan, I often have to plan my trip around restaurants. For example, I will not want to stay in a part of the city that has little to no vegan options. I want …

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7in7 Day 4- Escape Artist

Today I decided to test out my very limited javaScript skills. I created an animation where you will see a man ready to eat a pig. If you click on the pig he will escape. I would love to continue to play around with this and enable the pig to jump over the hungry man, …

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7in7 Day 3- Is it Vegan?

So often do I find myself wondering if certain products are vegan or not. I would love a quick and easy way to answer my question. I have created a website to answer the question “Is it vegan?”. This version of the site is not 100% accurate as of yet but I can definitely attest …

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7in7 Day 2- I am Animal

Today for my project I decided to do a study. I wanted to see how people react when they can see themselves or a loved one in an un-livable situation that factory-farmed animals endure every day. I set up a cardboard cut out of a scene from a factory farm to mimic the cut outs …

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7 in 7 Day 1- Save Me

My constraint for the 7 in 7 projects is that all of my projects have to do with veganism- specifically sustainability, health, and/or animal well-being. Todays project, titled “Save Me”, serves as a reminder to use electricity only as needed. The more electricity that is used, the more greenhouse gases are produced, which fuels global …

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Here I have included a stop-motion paper prototype for my Facebook re-design: FBVoice. (The video displays the desktop, not mobile, view) As I mentioned last week in class, FBVoice aims to break down the barrier of miscommunication and uncertainty when it comes to Facebook statuses and comments. With FBVoice you can upload video or audio statuses …

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Week 2 Day 1 Reading Response

Escaping Flatland: The idea that “every opportunity to spread through additional information over an already-available dimension must be cherished” resonated with me. The author stated this when discussing the train schedule mapping on pages 24-25. This reminds me of something I read in Donald Norman’s book, The Design of Everyday Things. Norman discusses the confusion …

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Mind Over Mouse

Hey guys,   Thought I would share this article. It goes over what we talked a bit about in class regarding the use of thoughts to interact with technology. (This was in 2011!)

Facebook ReInvented

There are two main issues I aim to address in my facebook update. The first is the isolation that facebook users may feel when constantly engaging online instead of face to face with others. Not only are we spending less time with each other, but most users present a very polished and edited version of …

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Reading Response- Week 1 Day 1

Great Wall of Facebook: The way Facebook has developed their search capabilities is interesting and definitely appealing because seeing search results that have been seen and shared by my friends is appealing but my internet browsing and searching isn’t something I necessarily would like to have public. This is, in my opinion, where Google pulls …

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