7 in 7 Day 1- Save Me

My constraint for the 7 in 7 projects is that all of my projects have to do with veganism- specifically sustainability, health, and/or animal well-being. Todays project, titled “Save Me”, serves as a reminder to use electricity only as needed. The more electricity that is used, the more greenhouse gases are produced, which fuels global warming. In the effort to slow down global warming, the polar bear has served as somewhat of a mascot for the cause because they are being affected quite dramatically. Obviously we need to use some electricity but it is easy to forget to turn a light off from time to time and “Save Me” will help us remember. “Save Me” was created by making a stencil and attaching on top of a lamp with kebab skewers that were attached to each other with rubber bands. When the lamp is on a picture of a polar bear with the words “save me” are illuminated on the ceiling to serve as a reminder that our electricity usage reaches further than our apartment.

cutouts lampfromabove fromunderwholesetuplight


  1. Excellent! I like the bear!

  2. Awesome ! I won’t be able to forget to turn a light off because of the bear !

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