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Final; Memory Tree

Presentation :  memoryTree_pdf

Final Project Process Report: Memory Tree

Memory Tree. Process Report. Use input datas of stories from strangers. I want to ask them a question like ” When is the most memorial moment in your life?”, “What is the most valuable moment in your life?”, or “Tell me about your story that makes you heart-beating”. Based on the inputs, the tree can …

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Three references for the Final

1. Memory Selections 2. The Memory Process 3. Foundations of 3D Computer Graphics

3 Precedents for Final

1. Ascension – Interactive Installation  (a) What is the project and who created it?  :: The project is called ‘Ascension’ which is interactive installation. It is created by Willpower and Carrie Mae Rose (collaboration in the duo FLUID THUNDER). It is installed at Eyebeam (Art + Technology Center in New York City). (b) How does it …

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Instruction Sets for Strangers ; Chris Elena Soohyun

We went to Columbus Circle on Friday morning, and tried the prototypes. We found that the balloon is too weak to stand for the place which is very windy. The balloon was almost on the floor because of the strong wind.  However, we found that a boat with balloon can attract people, so we will …

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Final Project Concept Idea

I have only rough conceptual idea for my final project. I’m very interested in communication between a person and a person, and also people and technology.  I want to research about missing communication between people, and work with how people can find missing communication. It can be a communication with myself, or it can be …

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Columbus Circle : Instruction for Strangers

Member :  Chris, Elena, Soohyun 1. Pictures     2. 3D map       3. Data  

Feedback Loop

  This is my mock up for the Feedback Loop project, snoring-shaking. I used Processing to try software mock up. It can be a bed or a pillow that has sensor of detecting snoring sounds from the user. When the user snores, it will shake (make strong vibration) to wake the user up. If the …

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Instruction Sets For Strangers / Reading response

Cultural Probes   I like the method that they used for observing elderly people’s environment. They considered a lot of part of elderly people in various aspects and tried to be objective such as cultural differences, age gap, etc. Especially, I like the way they get information from elderly people. They didn’t ask a specific question …

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Feedback Loop Idea

My idea for Feedback Loop is from checking your sleeping (health) condition.  Usually, we don’t know our behavior while we are sleeping, so it is hard to change our sleeping behaviors. Specifically, snoring is one of the sleeping behaviors that is not considered as a problem, but it also can be a serious problem if …

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