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This is my mock up for the Feedback Loop project, snoring-shaking. I used Processing to try software mock up.

It can be a bed or a pillow that has sensor of detecting snoring sounds from the user. When the user snores, it will shake (make strong vibration) to wake the user up. If the user doesn’t wake up even it shakes several times, it can PUNCH the user.. !

It will show your loudness level and give you a direction how to reduce snoring behavior. It can send your sleeping behavior datas to your smart phone application which means you can analyse your condition and decide whether you need a clinic or not.

Sleeping condition/behavior is hard to know by oneself, so it is hard to change. However, sleeping conditions are very important to our daily life condition. Therefore, I tried to let the users to notice their sleeping behaviors, that can have some problems (in my project, I focused on just ‘snoring’), to change them in a better way.

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