September 2013 archive

Feedback Loop Idea

My idea for Feedback Loop is from checking your sleeping (health) condition.  Usually, we don’t know our behavior while we are sleeping, so it is hard to change our sleeping behaviors. Specifically, snoring is one of the sleeping behaviors that is not considered as a problem, but it also can be a serious problem if …

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Scrapyard Challenge : Workshop

This Saturday’s Workshop was about “Scrapyard Challenge”. My group, Sophie and Helen and I made an instrument that is called ‘Rainbow Monster’. As you can see in the pictures, we made it with junks such as a fan with a board from printer(maybe?) and straws and so on. At the first time, we tried to …

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Feedback Loop Project Presentation

BKM1 FeedbackLoop

Things I did this week

On saturday I participated in the scrapyard challenge. We essentially made a motorized flail and tried to use it to complete circuits, which consisted of square pieces of tinfoil, wired directly into the arduino board/box. Our goal was to make an instrument that leaned on the side of giving agency to the musician, instead of embracing …

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Scrapyard Challenge: Music Box

Team: Barbar, Lucy, Nour, & Crystal Concept: Used an old type write case and parts to construct a music box. We covered the original spool form the typewriter in aluminum (foil) and created one switch with wire that would be the power source. Then we connected 15 other separate wires to the typewriter casing that …

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Scrapyard Challenge: Interactive Dance Game

  Me, Shu Yu Lin, Melanie Bossert  found  a huge paper with lots of dots. So, we thought that maybe we could make a twister game. However, we could not figure out how to connect our feet and hands to make different sounds. Than, we decided to change our idea to make a dance game. We …

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Scrapyard Challenge: Electric Pigeon

        My partners, Jimmy Tang and Yuchen Zhang, and I conceived the idea of creating a heavy metal pigeon.  We used a paper mache piegeon with pieces of conductive tape that will play different notes when a conductive glove “plays” them, like a keyboard.  The glove was made of mesh with wires …

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Scrapyard Challenge

Daniel, Gabor and I started the scrapyard challenge by first taking apart an old VCR and an NVIDIA GPU. We decided to dismount the fan from the GPU and attach it to a part from the VCR. We were able to remove the inside ejection mechanism from the VCR and powered it up with a …

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Scrapyard: Guitar Hero the Frog

  [MUSIC I AM LISTENING TO: Nothin’ But A Good Time by POISON :P] TEAM: Vivi Yuwen Lee/  Erin Cen/  South Cool/ Tim Xiaofeng Lin PROJECT CONCEPT: Body As Interface/ Body As Metaphor/ Human vs Machine PERSONAL GOAL: I want to use material that is, at some level, soft, warm, and organic, as part of …

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mAsHuP project

1. XLED – The Ultimate Sport Training App that connects you to your idol players. FEATURE: Syncing you and your star player’s training schedule, strengths and skills, which allows growth of both you and your player while you are working out.   2. Facebook vs Drug Effect