Scrapyard Challenge : Workshop

This Saturday’s Workshop was about “Scrapyard Challenge”. My group, Sophie and Helen and I made an instrument that is called ‘Rainbow Monster’. As you can see in the pictures, we made it with junks such as a fan with a board from printer(maybe?) and straws and so on. At the first time, we tried to use the fan as a wind provider to move the straws that can make connections by touching each other like a chime. However, we failed to use wind because the fan was too weak to blow the straws. Thus, we changed our usage of the fan from a wind provider to a rotating movement to cause straws’ movements. Finally, we could make a final ‘Rainbow Monster’ which has not only functional sound effects but also attractive visual effects by using colorful materials.

IMG_0939 IMG_0968 IMG_0962


From the workshop, I could know and understand more about machines by breaking them to pieces, also how to work in a group. When we got a problem, we could discuss about how to solve it with various point of views. It was very interesting to work in a group to make a thing very quickly.

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  1. Excellent project!

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