Scrapyard Challenge: Music Box

Team: Barbar, Lucy, Nour, & Crystal

Concept: Used an old type write case and parts to construct a music box. We covered the original spool form the typewriter in aluminum (foil) and created one switch with wire that would be the power source. Then we connected 15 other separate wires to the typewriter casing that rested on the spool as it turns. Each wire was connected to a separate output, and when touching the foil would complete the circuit to play the MIDI sound. In order to keep there from being a constant connection between the wire and foil, we created a cover made out of duck tape that would break the circuit. We then cut a specific patter of holes in the duck tape so that the wires would make connection to the foil on the spool only at certain times.

We actually calculated out 7 different notes in order to play the 4 chords that make up “Let itBe” But unfortunately in the and we were not able to have that much control of the input notes.



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