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Scrapyard Challenge

Daniel, Gabor and I started the scrapyard challenge by first taking apart an old VCR and an NVIDIA GPU. We decided to dismount the fan from the GPU and attach it to a part from the VCR. We were able to remove the inside ejection mechanism from the VCR and powered it up with a …

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Here I have included a stop-motion paper prototype for my Facebook re-design: FBVoice. (The video displays the desktop, not mobile, view) As I mentioned last week in class, FBVoice aims to break down the barrier of miscommunication and uncertainty when it comes to Facebook statuses and comments. With FBVoice you can upload video or audio statuses …

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Facebook ReInvented

There are two main issues I aim to address in my facebook update. The first is the isolation that facebook users may feel when constantly engaging online instead of face to face with others. Not only are we spending less time with each other, but most users present a very polished and edited version of …

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Reading Response- Week 1 Day 1

Great Wall of Facebook: The way Facebook has developed their search capabilities is interesting and definitely appealing because seeing search results that have been seen and shared by my friends is appealing but my internet browsing and searching isn’t something I necessarily would like to have public. This is, in my opinion, where Google pulls …

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Group Two MFADT Network

Our group decided that the MFADT Network should reflect the culture and experience of the program. To that end, we want to be sure to devote space and resources to both academic and professional goals and the fun, communal aspects of the program. Each member accesses the network using their New School student ID number, …

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Class Starting Soon!

This is the class website for Major Studio 1, starting in August at Parsons MFA D+ T! See you in a few weeks!