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Our group decided that the MFADT Network should reflect the culture and experience of the program. To that end, we want to be sure to devote space and resources to both academic and professional goals and the fun, communal aspects of the program.

Each member accesses the network using their New School student ID number, because our email addresses aren’t forever.¬†Your personal profile would include your bio, resume, portfolio, interests, and anything else you want to share. There’s a built-in trust because though we may not know everyone who has been through the program, there is a basic level of respectability that we can rely upon. You can connect to people who share your interests, no matter what age they are or how entrenched within the professional environment they are.

The navigation bar at the top of the main page would dictate your experience and it would be highly customizable so you are viewing what you want to see and not what others decide are your interests. The main tabs include Community, Academic Resources, Professional Development, Job Opportunities, Events, Fun Things To Share, Creative Inspiration, Collaborative Work, and All.

Users subscribe to their personal communities within the program. Examples include your MFADT year, bootcamp section, major studio section, and decade.

All posts are tagged for organization and navigation purposes. You choose what you want to see.

The Network would be a closed site, because we are very concerned about privacy, privacy education, and protecting social media reputations. It’s a safe place to share ridiculous things and have a good time, professionally network, collaborate, and learn. There would, however, be an area of the site that is accessible for potential employers to view a severely limited version of the network and contact candidates.

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  1. omg this is awesome thanks Denah!

    Also I’ve been thinking about how to get people to actually meet more often offline (just like what some dating sites are doing…damnit)

    maybe the idea of viewing people’s personal schedule is one option? just like the method most schools’ writing center or career service online appointment systems are using. Mark oneself what day what time he or she is available, and what events he or she will be attending is visible (or not) to others, so other people (or student group administrators) will have a brief idea when is good for meeting offline.

    hmmm…post more later maybe.

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