Scrapyard Challenge

Daniel, Gabor and I started the scrapyard challenge by first taking apart an old VCR and an NVIDIA GPU. We decided to dismount the fan from the GPU and attach it to a part from the VCR. We were able to remove the inside ejection mechanism from the VCR and powered it up with a 9V battery. When connected to the 9V battery, the VCR part began to move as if it were ejecting a tape. We attached a charged bolt to the moving VCR part so that when the VCR was activated by the 9V battery, it moved the bolt to charge the fan which we attached on top. We made the blades of each fan conductive by adding tin foil to each blade. Once we got the fan spinning, activated by our VCR switch, we wanted to dangle metal pieces over the fan and once each piece made contact with the tin foil- wrapped fan blades they would make different sounds. Unfortunately I was not able to stick around to see the final product, but here are some photos of the work in progress:


20130928_140335 20130928_141524 20130928_141527 20130928_142707 IMG_20130928_150634

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