Final Project Concept Idea

I have only rough conceptual idea for my final project. I’m very interested in communication between a person and a person, and also people and technology.  I want to research about missing communication between people, and work with how people can find missing communication. It can be a communication with myself, or it can be a deeper communication between friends rather than just saying hello on Facebook. We are now having a lot of ways of communication, but I think we are loosing our truly communication. Especially, the communication with myself such as meditation( I can’t let me just stay calm and think about myself and something deep and meaningful because I cannot stop watching Facebook, Youtube, or chatting on the phone.)  In the reading, You are not a gadget, Jaron Lanier says, “You have to find a way to be yourself before you can share yourself.” Likewise, I want to catch people’s attention from the technology black hole and bring them on to nature and more human being activities.

I’m thinking to use 3D Projection Mapping tool that can interact with people and get attention from the people, who are too much into Facebook, Twitter and etc., to encourage them to have a break time by getting away from social network connections and concentrating on real communication.

Rough idea for that is project nature environment which is beautiful and peaceful to the ceiling or the wall. For example, when people are sitting on the chair and using lap top too much, the birds in the projected nature environment  make some beautiful tweet sounds to get attention from the people and encourage them to get out of social network connection environment  and have time to think more meaningful things in their lives.


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