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Feedback Loop- iSlouch

For my Feedback Loop project I have created a prototype for iSlouch. The basic idea is that when using the computer it is easy to lose good posture gradually. When the user begins to slouch iSlouch will notify the user by showing a graphic of what the user’s spine looks like. This graphic will take …

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Reading Response: Instruction Sets for Strangers

1. “The Social Life of Urban Spaces” -William Whyte This article highlights the importance of research when designing public spaces in urban environments. Research of how the public spaces are intended to be used and on the intended users themselves. Whyte mentions, for example, that men and women interact with their environments differently. That women …

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Scrapyard Challenge

Daniel, Gabor and I started the scrapyard challenge by first taking apart an old VCR and an NVIDIA GPU. We decided to dismount the fan from the GPU and attach it to a part from the VCR. We were able to remove the inside ejection mechanism from the VCR and powered it up with a …

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Feedback Loop Reading Response

I like the idea that a successful feedback loop is said to trigger an emotional feeling or connection which then drives us to act on a rational goal. It is very effective to guide our emotional responses toward productivity. It is also important, when designing a feedback loop to make sure the feedback is given …

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Maker Faire

1. Identify 3 “interfaces” you saw at Maker Faire that were interesting and describe what they did. i. “Sir Walter Cooler” by Microsoft. This project is a water cooler that displays different colors to demonstrate                  whether it is “feeling” happy or sad. In order to make the …

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My digital-digital mashup is the YouTube Party Editor. It consists of a YouTube video that you can add dancing characters to. The example shows the popular video “Charlie bit my Finger” and below you will find dancing characters that you can add to the video. This enables users to create their own mashup. In a …

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Reading Response Week 3- Mashups

Grey Album Producer Danger Mouse Explains How He Did It The way Burton describes a mashup as a deconstruction as opposed to just stealing and reproducing is fascinating. This reading makes it clear that  since a mashup is dealing with two separate media, it is important to cater to the restrictions of each to make …

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7in7 Day 7- Sorry not Sorry

My last project is a board game modeled off the Hasbro game “Sorry”. This game is meant to be played as a board game or an online interactive game. The game play is similar to the original but the representation and meaning of the game is completely different. The idea is to make the experience …

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7in7 Day6- Save a Cow

Many people don’t realize that supporting the dairy industry also supports the meat industry. In order to get milk from a cow, that cow must give birth to a calf. In order for the dairy industry to make money and have a product to sell, the calf is taken from it’s mother, not able to …

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Week 3 Reading Response

The readings on prototypes and mock-ups were very informative. It was really nice to learn the distinction between the two because until now it has been a little bit of a grey area for me. I now understand that mock-ups are meant to be quick, disposable representations of a project which prototypes are meant to …

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