7in7 Day 7- Sorry not Sorry

My last project is a board game modeled off the Hasbro game “Sorry”. This game is meant to be played as a board game or an online interactive game. The game play is similar to the original but the representation and meaning of the game is completely different. The idea is to make the experience of factory farming accessible to children.

Game Pieces:

Each player picks a character (Chicken, Cow, Pig, or a Factory Farmer)                                                                               Each player controls 4 pieces from their chosen character

Object of the Game:

To be the first player to get all of their pieces from start to home.

In the case of the animal characters, they are born into factory farming when they leave start and spend their lives trying to escape until they are free- when they reach home.

In the case of the factory farmer character, when they leave start is when they realize the animals are trying to escape until they get home. For each piece they bring home- they capture an animal on the board (send hem back to home)


Game Play:

In order to get a piece to move from start the player must draw a 1 card. On all other turns, each player moves a piece the number of spaces on the card that is drawn.


If a factory farmer lands on an animal they capture it and send it back to start. If an animal lands on a factory farmer they throw them from their scent and send them back to start.


There are slides on each side of the game board. If you land at the beginning of a slide your piece slides backwards.


Sorry not Sorry

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