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USlouch Prototype #3

This prototype is using JavaScript. The alert is on a timer and will signal 5 seconds after loading. The history button in the top right corner is an example of what the usage feedback may include. for the next iteration I hope to: -create a data visualization with the history info -create a social gaming …

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Chalk Prototype

I did some chalk prototyping on my idea, which was really valuable in terms of user’s feelings and how they are interested in interacting with the project. This documentation is from midnight in Washington Heights (murder central). I found my subjects were (oddly) not as comfortable imitating the dead as I am. One subject had …

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Final Project sketches and articles

JCE-2008-visualization NSF-workshop_report_180701 p2_Jones_tcm18-33083

7 in 7 – Day 6 Weeds Javascript

For today’s project I wanted to remake my Processing sketch of “Weeds in NYC” into a Javascript canvas. ¬†This proved to be much more difficult than I thought because I learned JS doesn’t have simple mouseX and mouseY detection commands because it ¬†detects window X,Y events, which then must be converted to relate to the …

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