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Final Project Presentation and Site

http://a.parsons.edu/~rayw188/DemoCopy/Tale%20of%20Seven7.html Final Project

USlouch Prototype #4

For this iteration I show an example of a possible animation that could represent one’s slouching activity which can be measured against others. The idea here is that for each time the user slouches a balloon pops, which would make the character drop lower. This depiction is a little too disconnected from the main idea …

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Final Project Storyline

http://www.thewritersjourney.com/hero’s_journey.htm#Practical The Hero’s Journey Outline The Hero’s Journey is a pattern of narrative identified by the American scholar Joseph Campbell that appears in drama, storytelling, myth, religious ritual, and psychological development.  It describes the typical adventure of the archetype known as The Hero, the person who goes out and achieves great deeds on behalf of …

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USlouch Prototype #3

This prototype is using JavaScript. The alert is on a timer and will signal 5 seconds after loading. The history button in the top right corner is an example of what the usage feedback may include. for the next iteration I hope to: -create a data visualization with the history info -create a social gaming …

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Final Project Precedents

Completely Digital Interactive Book: http://www.ted.com/talks/mike_matas.html E-page and Conductive Ink: http://futureperfectpublishing.com/2007/08/15/in-search-of-the-next-gutenberg/ Invisible Ink http://www.instructables.com/id/Hollow-Book-Invisible-ink-Black-light/

Final Project: Magic Book.

For my final project I would like to expand on my 7 in 7 project incorporating the edited pictures and a story with each picture into a large book based project. I would like to do a wood or 3D printed box to hold the frame for a long single sheet scroll. The pictures and …

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Final Project proposal

For my final project, I want to research the role of visualization in science learning and create visual aids for some foundation topics in chemistry. The benefits of visual aids give students a mental model to understand the complex conceptual topics found in science subjects.  There are lots of studies that attempt to measure the …

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Final Project Description

For my final project I would like to expand upon my feedback loop assignment from earlier in the semester. My feedback loop assignment, iSlouch, was a look and feel prototype that demonstrated the interface of a posture detection program. The idea is that when the user slouches while using their computer, the interface on their …

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