Final Project: Magic Book.

For my final project I would like to expand on my 7 in 7 project incorporating the edited pictures and a story with each picture into a large book based project. I would like to do a wood or 3D printed box to hold the frame for a long single sheet scroll. The pictures and the story correlating with the picture would be side by side on a hinged frame (pictures in one frame, stories on the other. Over laying the pictures and the story would be a thin sheet of translucent tracing paper. Drawn over this paper on the picture side would be a “glyph” or arcane circle with a hand print inside of it. Using Arduino based light sensors centered under the hand print, when the user puts his hand over the ┬áhand print it would cause the sensor to sense the dimming of light and light LED’s positioned under the picture and the text. This would create the illusion that by completing the arcane circle you were creating “magic” and forming the story in the book. There would be one sensor for each of the 7 archetypes and 7 different stories that could be illuminated by magic.

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