No Thoughts

For my Final Project, I am really unsure what I would like to do. I know there will be an Arduino involved, but beyond that, I am super unclear. I am completely open to ideas and/or constraints. I’m feeling a little lost with all this freedom…

Perhaps, I would expand upon the physical Murder NYC project, where you would find information about murders in the city via little lights around the city. If I were expanding on a previous project, I think it would be this one. Just as a recap: wherever a murder has occurred in the city, a light would be installed. If multiple murders have occurred, it would shine either brighter or I might work with shades of red. I like the idea of it serving as both a classy memorial marker and it would provide further information if scanned with your phone.

I could also potentially prototype on a very small scale, if there’s either a little screen there or a little projector and using either a motion sensor or a pressure sensor (where people would press a spot) the information would pop up and bypass the whole fun interface.

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