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Outlines Presentation

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DreamTeam: Instruction Sets for Strangers

Niamh Parsley, Denah Emerson, Alex Tosti, Pierce Wolcott   ISFS Final Presentation Final Video Observations

murderNYC – Mashups

murderNYC: new yorkers would kill for your apartment The digital to digital mashup features homicide data for NYC overlaid on a map of the five boroughs. The first screen shows a visual representation of murder rates in New York over the last ten years. (We’re declining!) The gradients are relatively accurate, but definitely not mathematically …

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7in7- Day 4 Weeds of NYC

    Even in New York City, we are still surrounded by nature and organic matter.  One must simply look a little harder to see it. I created this interactive graphic via Processing to identify common weeds that can be found in the city. I define weeds as plants that can grow on their own …

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