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Digital- Physical Mashup Oregon Trail

    See the Oregan Trail Map   My digital-physical mashup is an imagining of how a real life competitive race of Oregon Trail would occur.  The emphasis of the game would be on maintaining health for all teammates that compete.  A unique feature would be cooperation amongst competing teams, when either needs a boost …

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murderNYC – Mashups

murderNYC: new yorkers would kill for your apartment The digital to digital mashup features homicide data for NYC overlaid on a map of the five boroughs. The first screen shows a visual representation of murder rates in New York over the last ten years. (We’re declining!) The gradients are relatively accurate, but definitely not mathematically …

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Digital – Digital – Physical Mashup Presentation

SIRP – Auto Race Riot Presentation in Power-Point Format

Ditigal-Digital Mashup: McArabia

Due to bountiful (but unrenewable) reserves of petroleum and natural gas, many Middle Eastern countries are experiencing newfound economic power and individual wealth.  Many of these countries are also entering the ranks of world’s most overweight and obese.  Not coincidentally, fast food chain restaurants are rushing to open new franchises to support the emerging culture …

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