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Reflecting On the 7 in 7

I loved the 7 in 7 project. I have never been forced to work so quickly before and I have never been so prolific. One of the most challenging portions of this project was defining the constraints in the beginning. It was difficult to decide what my focus would be and to commit to an …

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7 in 7 – Day 7 – Negative Space

The final piece in my series represents Sleeping Beauty. The syringe corresponds to the needle on which she pricks herself. I wanted to use negative space for my final piece to symbolize that the stories we hear as children (and tell children, in turn) are not as they seem in the forefront. Sometimes, we need …

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7 in 7 – Day 6 – Scratchboard

Today’s project explores the mental instability and challenges in Beauty and the Beast. I wanted a medium that would convey something about the experience in a mental ward (as I see it). This is my version of a scratchboard etching. I used crayon on paper for the first layer, painted it with India ink, and …

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7 in 7 – Day 5 – Stop Motion

Today, I made a tiny, adorable stop motion of a pretty gruesome scene in Grimm’s Cinderella. One of the stepsisters cut off her toes to fit into the glass slipper. Here’s the low-res version.

7 in 7 – Day 4 – Gingerbread

Today’s project is a gingerbread oven depicting Hansel and Gretel in the witch’s oven. I used graham crackers, frosting, lots of candy, and fondant. I think preserving the traditional jolly gingerbread theme enhances the gruesome representation of this story.

7 in 7 – Day 3 – Photoshop

Today’s project explores the creepiness of the Pied Piper. I’ve depicted all the children he’s kidnapped on Warhol-esque milk cartons for a modern spin of this To Catch A Predator story. I used Photoshop for this project. For bonus creepiness: the children in these photographs are my actual nieces and nephews.

7 in 7 – Day 2 – Line Drawing

The second project in this series is a line drawing of a wolf howling at the moon. It represents the villain of Little Red Riding Hood. I used micron pens on paper. No lines cross in this piece. The border is painted with acrylic, for the iconic color of this fairy tale. I burnt the …

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7 in 7 – Day 1 – Wire

Aside from time, I have two constraints for this project series: Theme: The Inherent Darkness of Fairy Tales Media: Each project will be in a different medium. My first project is a barbed wire apple. It is the first in my series as a commentary on the inherent darkness of fairy tales. It represents the …

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7 in 7: Day 7 – The Trickster

Surprise No post…TRICKED YOU     Just Kidding…   Pre-Work Write-Up: The Trickster v Precedents and their themes: Loki – Thor Comic book and Movie Origin: Adopted Brother of the God Thor and a master of manipulation and Trickery. He enjoys playing allys and enemys alike against each other while staying out of the line …

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7 in 7: Day 6 – The Shadow

  Pre Work Write Up: The Shadow v Precedents and their themes: Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII Video Game Origin: The Genetic clone of an evil scientist and the cells of an alien monster known as Jenova. Jenova’s goal is to devour planets and when he finds out he has been cloned Sephiroth aims to …

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