Reflecting On the 7 in 7

I loved the 7 in 7 project. I have never been forced to work so quickly before and I have never been so prolific. One of the most challenging portions of this project was defining the constraints in the beginning. It was difficult to decide what my focus would be and to commit to an idea that would carry me through the week. Like constraints are supposed to do, once established, they pushed me creatively. I won’t pretend like fully formed ideas popped into my head every day, there were certainly mad scrambling brainstorm sessions, but all in all, my adherence to theme and commitment to exploring new media propelled my work. [The Five Obstructions is a wonderful documentary film that explores this process.]

Another challenge was deciding when a project was finished. Since I don’t usually work in one day (and with other homework to boot), I had to redefine what a finished project looks like. All in all, I am pleased with my finished pieces. I went through tons of iterations where things worked and things didn’t, but I had fun the entire time (well, almost). One thing I really love and I’ve missed in my work as a graphic designer is working with my hands. This gave me that opportunity.

I’ve really enjoyed exploring my theme of the inherent darkness of fairy tales. Each piece works with a different fairy tale and shows the darker themes we gloss over and even fail to notice in the tales we tell children. It’s quite amazing to realize that no story ends at the Disney-ified version.

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  1. Great! Glad you liked the project! I think you did some super work – quick prototyping is a good thing to get the hang of while you are working through the semester.

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