7 in 7 – Day 1 – Wire

Aside from time, I have two constraints for this project series:

  1. Theme: The Inherent Darkness of Fairy Tales
  2. Media: Each project will be in a different medium.

My first project is a barbed wire apple. It is the first in my series as a commentary on the inherent darkness of fairy tales. It represents the poison apple of Snow White. I used three different gauges of armature wire. I originally wanted barbed wire, but apparently when you ask for that in a hardware store, they look at you like you’re the Unabomber. Hardware men are a judgy folk. Instead I created my own barbed wire with the armature wire.

Wire1 Wire2


For future reference, the only place that carries barbed wire on this island of Manhattan is Chinatown Lumber. The smallest increment they will sell you is 50 yards.


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