7 in 7: Day 7 – The Trickster

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Pre-Work Write-Up:

The Trickster

v Precedents and their themes:

  • Loki – Thor Comic book and Movie
  1. Origin: Adopted Brother of the God Thor and a master of manipulation and Trickery. He enjoys playing allys and enemys alike against each other while staying out of the line of fire.
  2. Weapon: Spear
  3. Token: Artifacts that he steals using his trickery.
  4. Clothes: Armor of the Gods.
  5. Ethos: Neutral/ Evil
  6. Personality: As noted in his Ethos he has no problem with law as long as he is the one who is administering it. I think this takes hem out of a chaotic position because he uses the norms and social laws of society to trick and manipulate people.
  7. Gift/Talent: Illusion and misdirection magic.
  • The Joker – Batman Comic Books and Movies
  1. Origin: The Prime example of Chaotic Evil, he is the infamous arch nemisis of Batman. He commits violent and sadistic crimes for no other purpose then to “watch the world burn”.  He takes on the façade of a clown to make light of the chaos he commits.
  2. Weapon: Chemical Warfare, “A disappearing Pencil”
  3. Token: MakeUp and clown suit
  4. Clothes: Clown Suit
  5. Ethos: Chaotic Evil!
  6. Personality: His ethos says it all, he is evil with no regard to any system, rhyme or reason.
  7. Gift/Talent: Criminal Mastermind and Chemist.
  • The Illusive Man – Mass Effect Video Game Series.
  1. Origin: The Illusive man is the leader and mastermind behind a clandestine human civilization/mercenary organization called Cerberus. In a “universe” where aliens are as common as racial division in our own world his organization fights to make sure Humans have a galactic upper hand over other alien species. In the end this causes him to attempt to use an ancient alien species bean ton universal destruction to fight for the humans.
  2. Weapon: Politics, manipulation, intimidation, misdirection.
  3. Token: Alien artifacts.
  4. Clothes: Well tailored business suit.
  5. Ethos: Chaotic/ Neutral
  6. Personality: Methodical in his calculations, he is not the average jester like trickster, he is more calm and collected. A grand orchestrator of events and people. Misleading and bribing people into their own dooms all in the name of the greater good of the human race.
  7. Gift/Talent: Money!


v The Trickster’s Seven Themes

  • Origin: The Trickster can come from many different origins but normally they play an almost ShapeShifter like role for the story. The rogue also plays a good hand here never really committing to the moral quest but knowing that there will be treasure to be had. The main difference in between the two is that the Trickster’s allegiance is tenuous from the very beginning. The trickster often tries to manipulate the group for his benefit but it’s blatant and he sometimes uses humor are bluntness to mask this obvious motivation.
  • Weapon: As this character can be used as comedic relief,  the weapon and clothes can be something weird or off putting to throw the reader off.
  • Token: Jesters rod or hat (something amusing they hold on to)
  • Clothes: (see weapon)
  • Ethos: Neutral-Chaotic/ Good-Neutral
  • Personality: In relation to the hero, he offers comedic interpretation of the very serious issues the hero hopes to address. Often being aloof to the idea of any specific way to live ones life as “good”.
  • Gift/Talent: Sense of Humor.

Post Work Write Up:

Technically speaking I am the least pleased with this one. In the inking process I messed up the features and the smoothness of the clothes. He was supposed to be simply garbed but the picture (the use of other emblems specifically) are meant to imply that he was a manipulator of the story all along. Of all of the sketches this is the one I would most like to redo.

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