7 in 7: Day 6 – The Shadow



Pre Work Write Up:

The Shadow

v Precedents and their themes:

  • Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII Video Game
  1. Origin: The Genetic clone of an evil scientist and the cells of an alien monster known as Jenova. Jenova’s goal is to devour planets and when he finds out he has been cloned Sephiroth aims to fulfill her destiny and become the new reincarnation of her power.
  2. Weapon: Giant Katana
  3. Token: Head of Jenova
  4. Clothes: Specialized SOLDIER uniform
  5. Ethos: Neutral / Evil
  6. Personality: He was once a revered and respected SOLDIER and the greatest fighter the world had ever known. While he was in a way humble about this position, he viewed it as a fact more then an emotional expression such as pride. He was what Cloud (the hero) dreamed most about becoming before he found out his origin and killed everyone in Cloud’s home village. He is the shadow of what Cloud could have been. And the true power behind why members of SOLDIER are so unnaturally strong.
  7. Gift/Talent: Genetic clone of Alien super-monster
  • Darth Vader – Star Wars Series
  1. Origin: Once Known as Anakin Skywalker, he fell from the Jedi Ways and became known as Darth Vader. As the “Shadow” and father of Luke Skywalker, he shows the possible future of the young Jedi as the story progresses.
  2. Weapon: Sith Lightsaber
  3. Token: Robotic limbs from failed attempt to defeat master Obi Wan
  4. Clothes: Modified armor similar to storm troopers
  5. Ethos: Lawful / Evil
  6. Personality: Similar to Luke, he begins out as a simple tinkerer in humble beginnings and becomes a jedi through fate. His turn from the good side of the force shows just how close Luke was to becoming the next Sith Lord. His Hatred for the empire could have broken him and made him a slave to it.
  7. Gift/Talent: The Force
  • The Govenor – The Walking Dead
  1. Origin: A maniacal leader of a surviving, but blind group during the zombie apocalypse, he rules as a gentle public figure and an iron fisted manipulator. As the leader of his group he clashes with the Hero Rick as the leader of the main character group. In a dark time in Rick’s  tenure as leader he shows just how far gone Rick COULD have gone and how even in his darkest moments he is a greater man then even he believes.
  2. Weapon: Automatic Rifle, Intimidation
  3. Token: Zombified Daughter.
  4. Clothes: Business Casual attire.
  5. Ethos: Appears to be Lawful but really Chaotic/ Evil
  6. Personality: Narcissistic and sadistic in secret. His passion is maintaining the façade of his charming, benevolent reign while murdering and pillaging under the name of “survival”
  7. Gift/Talent: Manipulating and/or intimidatingpeople


v The Shadow’s Seven Themes

  • Origin:The shadow is normally an exact portrayal of its name in reference to the hero. The shadow is what could have been for the hero in a change of circumstances. When hero is poor, the shadow is wealthy and arrogant. Even when the hero was raised in wealth as a benevolent and kind ruler, the shadow is the peasant who was dealt a poor hand and decides to take revenge against the elite. He gives contrast and perspective to the hero, developing both characters and the story (the implied message behind the story) more.
  • Weapon: Normally something similar to the Hero but more malicious. A sword with a serrated blade for example follows the heroes sword but has a crueler ability to cut.
  • Token: A token of his origin that mirrors the Hero’s. Perhaps his sword is a work of gold and diamonds, however functional, it shows his wealth in his cruelty.
  • Clothes: In the case of the Humble Hero, once again, he would be affluently dressed or in magnificent armor.
  • Ethos: Neutral – Chaotic /Evil normally.
  • Personality: The main way the shadow “shadows” the Hero is in his personality. Where the Hero is humble, the shadow is arrogant and narcissistic, where the Hero is Loyal, the Shadow is a betrayer. Where the Hero is Noble, the shadow is disgraceful.
  • Gift/Talent: In true shadow fashion, the Shadow either begins or (after encountering the hero) fights to attain a perversion of the heroes gift. If the hero has Holy Magic, the shadow will seek out pacts with demons etc etc.

 Post Work Write Up:

This character is the only one to have a shaded border and corner emblem, (special perk of being the shadow). After this one I decided it would be best to just go back over the others and ink them. While this steps outside of the parameters a little I think for the purposes of showing this on an electronic format this is necessary.

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