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7 in 7 – Day 2 – Line Drawing

The second project in this series is a line drawing of a wolf howling at the moon. It represents the villain of Little Red Riding Hood. I used micron pens on paper. No lines cross in this piece. The border is painted with acrylic, for the iconic color of this fairy tale. I burnt the …

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Week 3 – Reading Assignment Day 2

Week 3 – Reading Assignment Day 2   I believe that the Mashup Readings for Week 3 can be framed really well in context with Monday’s reading on Prototyping. To frame this context we jump from he representational role of prototyping to the tangent role of problem solving. There is a clear theme in almost …

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7 in 7: Day 2 – The Mentor

  Pre Work Write Up: v Precedents and their themes: Yoda – Star Wars Movie Trilogies Origin: Wise, Oldest living Jedi Master before and after fall of jedi. Weapon: Lightsaber – Walking Crutch Token: Connection to the force, release of material processions. Clothes: Jedi Robes Ethos: True Neutral Personality: Wise leader, laments inability to prevent …

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