7 in 7: Day 2 – The Mentor



Pre Work Write Up:

v Precedents and their themes:

  • Yoda – Star Wars Movie Trilogies
  1. Origin: Wise, Oldest living Jedi Master before and after fall of jedi.
  2. Weapon: Lightsaber – Walking Crutch
  3. Token: Connection to the force, release of material processions.
  4. Clothes: Jedi Robes
  5. Ethos: True Neutral
  6. Personality: Wise leader, laments inability to prevent fall of jedi. While still powerful, takes no active role in conflict.
  7. Gift/Talent: The Force
  • Gandalf – Tolkien’s – Lord of the Rings Series
  1. Origin: Gandalf the Grey – Gandalf the White, one of a handful of powerful wizards who are meant to protect middle earth and guide the “goodly” races to peace and cooperation.
  2. Weapon: Staff and Sword
  3. Token: Pipe
  4. Clothes: Gray and White Robes
  5. Ethos: Neutral-Lawful/Good
  6. Personality: Sometimes playing the simple old man he defers to his wisdom as a weapon more so then his magic. Depending on the timeline of the story he wishes greatly that he had taken more decisive action The ring and the other wizards when he had the chance. This is also the moral question of his character.  Showing his faith in good people to do the right thing instead of unnatural magic changing the world.
  7. Gift/Talent: Extreme magical talent
  • Zedd – Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth Series
  1. Origin: Wizard of the First Order in the Middle Kingdom, Leader of the Last great war of the kingdom. One of the most powerful wizards of the world and the main characters secret grandfather.
  2. Weapon: Sword of Truth (passed to Richard(main character))  staff.
  3. Token: Sword of Truth and Pipe
  4. Clothes: Plain Robes (robes of a wizard of the First Order – more powerful you are the plainer your robes)
  5. Ethos: Lawful / Neutral
  6. Personality: Another wizard who prefers to use his wisdom over his gifts. A strong belief that creativity and love are greater magics then any fireball or lightning spell. Unlike Gandalf however he leans more to the playful side, rarely taking on an ominous persona.
  7. Gift/Talent: Wizard of the First Order, Last Great Postive Magic user.


v The Mentor’s Seven Themes

  • Origin: While they are generally advanced in age, they are well educated or at least very wise to the world. In many cases they are fighters are have similar talents to the Hero creating some affinity towards them that they don’t share with the rest of the world. In many cases the mentor is often a veteran of some conflict or organization that parallels the trials that will affect the hero. Story wise, as the mentor is not often the Hero’s Love interest, they are often killed off to show loss and hurt to the hero, making them a major but expendable character.
  • Weapon: Knowledge or Experience. The stereotypical answer is a staff. A general symbol for the scholarly elder. Sometimes they cary the sword or generic weapon like the hero to make them something for the hero to aspire to be.
  • Token: In the case of those who are veterans are former members of great organizations it is normally a token of their service with some kind of functional benefit that they rarely need anymore. In the case of wizards it could be a magical item that helps them with their craft, or for the veteran a badge of office that could get them past other guards who respect the service.
  • Clothes: Often something as humble or as the characters but with a slightly more respected air. The robes of a scholar. The old uniform of a soldier, something that is modest for their station in life but still a sign of their past glories.
  • Ethos: True Neutral or Neutral Good, (often with wisdom they are made neutral to the biases of the world.
  • Personality: Often similar to the Hero (either as a product of the hero taking on the characteristics of an idol or being the mutual aspect that brought them together)
  • Gift/Talent: Experience, similar gift as the hero sometimes, and whatever gift they had that made them a great person in the past.

Post Work Write Up:

Still pressed for time in the drawing, All of them are likely to have a sketched feel to them I believe. Decided too do different border to correlate to each of the characters backgrounds are occupations.

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