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7 in 7- Day 3 Miniature Ecosystem

Originally I said I wanted to use organic material to design representations of man made objects.  In this project I wanted to create a representation of a natural ecosystem within an artificial environment.  I used material that I found outside ( rocks, soil, moss, a vascular plant) and placed them within a closed space that …

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7 in 7- Day 2 Windchime

Not all natural materials are easily perishable.  Today I wanted to explore materials that are still organic, but also fit into the realm of “found objects.”  I used pieces of coral, a bamboo pen, and hemp string, which are all naturally occurring materials which have already undergone different ways of degradation.  The coral died long …

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7 in 7 Day 1

I’m interested in the use of organic material  to create man-made objects with typically mechanical functions.  By using perishable or biodegradable substances, one must consider how the object will hold up against decay during the time its functioning with another purpose.  In my first project I wanted to create a lantern out of a pepper …

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