Thoughts about Feedback Loops

The speed recognition feedback loop that is used commonly in the US makes me think of a tactic that many car manufacturers in Qatar and other Middle East countries employ to curb speeding.  Reckless driving is so engrained in the culture there that car have installed sensors within the car that detects if you’re driving above 120 km at any time.  Once you hit 120, the car starts making  a persistent beeping noise (like the ones for seatbelts) that does not stop until you’re back under 120.  The noise gives you feedback that you’re driving at a high speed and it’s persistence makes you want to slow down because it is annoying.  For me , because I like to be a safe driver, it always worked to slow me down.  But I see this also being ignored by people who consistently speed and are so accustomed to the sound that it doesn’t bother them.

Reading the section about Greengoose incentivizing activities such as raking leaves or brushing your teeth makes me think projects like this are just adding to the neverending noise the digital world offers to distract and disconnect people from the physical world.   I see great opportunity for implementing feedback loops in patient care, but I believe a points/rewards system for chores is nullifying the importance of basic responsibilities.

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