Digital mashup ==> “Doggle”

My digital & digital mashup is called Doggle, it’s an application which help you to find out the nearest dog park/ dog daycare center/ dog clinic/ dog store and groomer on the map. Another function is that you will actually know your dog’s friends by using a sensor which embed in your dog’s neck chain. This is how the sensor works: If your dog likes another dog, and plays with him/her more than 5 minutes, then the sensor will receives another dog’s information and adds him/her in your Doggle ‘s friends list automatically(Let’s assume another dog has this sensor too 😀 .) On the  Doggle, you can edit your dog’s profile as well as yours, I believe this will help you know your dog better.

The reason I made this application is that I really love dogs!!( I actually have one named Dubby.) And I find a lot of dogs in New York, which makes me so happy! So I was wondering if I can make an application which will helps dog lovers to know their pets better, besides, it would be inconvenient if they open up Google map every time just to find out the best dog park. Doggle can record your (or your dog’s) favorite dog park / dog daycare center/ dog clinic/ dog store and groomer, so next time you want to take your dog to that place, all you need to do is to login Doggle.

And about the friends sensor, it has a problem. Staying together more than 5 minutes dosen’t  always mean the two dogs are friends, it can also mean they are fighting……so how to deal with this problem? Maybe the sensor will senses the unique smell from the dogs’ body, you know if the two are happy, they will release some unique smell? I don’t know =, =.


clinic-mappark-mapprofilefriendsfriends sensor

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  1. I love the color palette and design!

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