Final project

Final project

This video shows that why the people need my final project.

This is the first part of my final project, in the first part of my project, I created a virtual scene that can be projected onto the wall. For this virtual scene, the background is a dense forest, and it is raining. User can through the brainwaves to interact with the virtual scene. For example, the user can through meditation values to control the rainfall, through attention values to control speed of raindrops and speed of the wind or direction of the wind, even can control the brightness of the weather. In all of my hypnosis background music, I combine a soothing voice and rainy voice with relaxing music to provide user with the ultimate hypnotic experience. Also the rainy voice can be controlled by the meditation values.

This is the second part of my final project, in my final project, there has another part to help people sleeping, which named hallucinatory part that can be transformed with the change of the attention values. Because the mystic achieves hallucinations by gaining control of his own dissociative mechanisms, perhaps this is a form of self-hypnosis. Such individuals can accomplish an astonishing withdrawal from the environment by prolonged intense concentration.

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