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Redacted: An Experiment in Privacy Education

For my Facebook Redesign Project, I’ve prepared a mock up of Redacted: when you absolutely, positively shouldn’t have shared that with the world.  The idea is that in this culture of oversharing, we don’t take the necessary moments of reflection required to make informed decisions regarding whether that post is actually suitable for public consumption. …

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Information Representation

I did a freelance job once where the client gave me pretty much free reign. He told me to make an informational flyer for airport vendors and threw in some copy. I’m quite enthralled with the infographic trend so I designed this how-to sheet in the infographic style. I was pretty pleased with myself as …

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The Future Freaks Me Out

Well, that was sunny. Concerns about privacy and privacy education naturally occupy some rather large real estate in my mind. I’ve been working with teenagers in formal and informal education for 10 years and it constantly astounds me how little they know about what should be on the internet and how to create positive internet …

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Group Two MFADT Network

Our group decided that the MFADT Network should reflect the culture and experience of the program. To that end, we want to be sure to devote space and resources to both academic and professional goals and the fun, communal aspects of the program. Each member accesses the network using their New School student ID number, …

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