Redacted: An Experiment in Privacy Education

For my Facebook Redesign Project, I’ve prepared a mock up of Redacted: when you absolutely, positively shouldn’t have shared that with the world. 


The idea is that in this culture of oversharing, we don’t take the necessary moments of reflection required to make informed decisions regarding whether that post is actually suitable for public consumption. Redacted is a generator (like the fabulous Geocities-izer) where you select a social medium, enter your username, and based on text and hashtags, you are presented with a momentarily redacted version of your profile.

Redacted is designed to make the user question presumptive sharing. It is visual privacy education.

*This project makes liberal use of brand-new, completely-shaky, exposed-to-just-one-class-so-far After Effects education.

**”Yolo” by Lonely Island just felt appropriate for the subject matter.

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