The Response of Feedback Loop

After I read feedback loop and built up a concept of feedback loop, I think feedback loop is really a kind of interesting invention that it gave a guidance to human’s behavior. However I have some doubt it when I mentioned that feedback loop is always working through a way to tracking people’s behavior. As the same as the opinion that the author proposed in the passage, like any other organism, human-being is a self-regulating creatures, with a multitude of systems working to achieve homeostasis. And the biggest difference between the human and animal is self-control, which is humanity’s most useful skills, without which advanced civilizations would not exist, is being able to engage our higher cognitive functions, our self-control, to resist these temptations. However the feedback loop is a kind of system which influence and change human’s behavior in a good way. As the velocity sensor in the highway, is that necessary for all the people to keep the speed by a feedback loop? What I’m interesting about is there any way to make feedback loop to entered people’s life in a way with tenderness and guide people to change their behavior unpretentiously, but not just like a warning signal in order to push people to change their behavior.



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